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Behind Holi

If you think you have not heard of Holi, you have certainly seen some striking images of people throwing colored powders in the air and splashing them on others in a happy crowd. Holi, the Hindu festival of colors celebrates love and the triumph of good over evil. It is celebrated across all religious communities in India and takes place every year during the last moon of Phalguna, around March in our calendar. It is a very unique experience and a special date to me as it changed my life forever two years ago. At the time I had become deeply unsatisfied with my life, acting in the hopes that somehow happiness would manifest itself. I felt empty and exhausted, my heart was throbbing with the ache of dissatisfaction and my creativity was stifled. I could have continued to pursue life in the same automated way for many more years chasing things that bring me no true joy, until I travelled to India for the first time in March 2018. There my body, my mind and my spirit were nourished. I felt so many things in my heart and all my senses, it was like going back to life. The flame inside me had been lit again, I was ready to follow a new path. 

There’s no magical cure for disliking your life. What we have to do is take time to set some intentions and focus on what truly matters. The vow I made to myself was to refuse apathy and to rise above to levels of courage, action and love. I wanted a life with more purpose, more opportunities to connect with one another with love and compassion, and a life where I intended to be more connected to spirit, nature and simplicity. As one of the results I launched Holi Editions with the intention of giving support through crystals.

Celebrating Holi this year again in Jaipur, I take a look on these two last years with a lot of emotion and gratitude. I took the challenge to make my life beautiful and filled with love every single day and I wake up every morning full of energy and joy, at peace with myself and ready for the everyday challenges. I am truly thankful to my friends and family for supporting me in these changes. I am also thankful to you our followers and clients for being there throughout this journey. 

And always remember : it’s all in your hands.